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November, 2002
International Fiber Corporation acquired the assets of Swim Pure Corporation and Advanced Filtration Solutions, Inc. from Barry Nehls, founder and president and combined to form Purifiber LLC. Barry has decided to commit more time to his Ministry, however he has agreed to work for us as a consultant and is available to meet any anticipated need. IFC and Barry have enjoyed a supply and technical relationship since Barry started his company. We have worked side by side in meeting your requirements and trust have done a satisfactory job. With this acquisition it means that you can work directly with the manufacturer. IFC has production plants located in Belgium, New York, Ohio, Washington, and West Virginia and has supplied precoat filtration products for over 40 years. In the near future you will be contacted by Barry and or one of our Technical Sales Personnel to discuss the benefits this transaction brings to you. In the meantime, we can be reached at 1-888-698-1936.


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