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May 2002
International Fiber Corporation (IFC), the industry leader in high purity fiber products, has been named the exclusive North American distributor to the food and nutraceutical industry of Fibrex®, an all-natural dietary fiber made from the pulp of sugar beets after the sugar is extracted.

Fibrex® sugar beet fiber is a multifunctional dietary food ingredient that provides moisture retention and texture to bread and other food products and is available in different granulations from flakes to very fine powders. Fibrex® is manufactured by Danisco Sugar in Sweden and has a natural combination of 1/3 soluble and 2/3 insoluble fiber. Health benefits associated with soluble fiber include a reduction in blood cholesterol, equalizing blood sugar levels and positive effects on the digestive system. Fibrex® is all natural, non GMO, self affirmed GRAS, USDA approved in meats and poultry, HPB approved in Canada for use in foods and is also available in an Organic version.. Its high water retention rate ensures bread stays fresh/soft longer and other food products like beef patties and meat products juicier and with less cooking losses..

"The philosophies of IFC and Danisco Sugar/Fibrex® match up perfectly and make our alliance a natural fit," said John F. Pond, president of International Fiber Corp. "IFC and Fibrex® share the same dedication to personal service and commitment to the food and nutraceutical industry, which has made our companies successful. As we move forward together, our combined knowledge and experience will be an unparalleled resource for excellence to our customers."

"We are very pleased to have International Fiber Corporation joining forces with Danisco Sugar/Fibrex®" said Lars Lindhoff, VP and Director of Marketing for Danisco Sugar/Fibrex®. "We appreciate the many similarities and synergies between our two companies, and are looking forward to a long-term partnership that will demonstrate our joint commitment to the food and nutraceutical industry through the highest quality products combined with outstanding technical support and education."

International Fiber Corporation is the industry leader in high purity fiber products, providing customized product solutions to meet a changing marketplace. It has broad global presence with 5 modern manufacturing facilities located in North Tonawanda, NY – Nitro, WV – Urbana, OH – Anacortes, WA – Temse, Belgium, with distribution warehouses in the east coast, west coast, mid-west and Canada. Its product roster includes familiar names like Solka-Floc, Alpha-Cel, KEYCEL, Just Fiber, FloAm and Qual Flo.

For further information, please contact International Fiber Corporation, 1 (888) 698-1936 or visit www.ifcfiber.com. For more information on Fibrex® Sugar beet fiber visit www.fibrex.daniscosugar.com.


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